Taking the Mannequin Challenge


A few weeks ago, we had our open house at Gulf Coast Motorcycles.  It was a combination of events for us.  We were celebrating the new store certainly, and our 14th year anniversary as a dealership, and it was our 3rd year as a Toys for Tots collection center, something we are very committed to as a company.

One of our guests and a rider I know, Angela Milisitz,  asked to speak to me during the event.  We all know that can either be very good or very bad, and I was reluctant because I was riding the high of our really successful grand opening.  She said that she had a couple ideas and she wanted to know if I’d be interested in trying to help.  Seeing as it’s for local riders, and helping them is always a good cause, we agreed to speak further during the week.

Then the other shoe dropped…  She wanted to know if we could help with a Mannequin Challenge.  At our Dealership??!!  It doesn’t get much more unconventional than that…at least for us.  Having never done a Mannequin Challenge before, and honestly, only seeing part of a couple videos, I really didn’t know what to do.  “Don’t worry,” she said.  “We’ll help with that stuff, and you’ll be really happy with the results.”  OK, so the game was on. She introduced me to JC Poroj, and quite a few other great people that all pitched in to make the video you’ll see here.

Supporting charities is a big part of what we do here, and it just so happens that we’re knee deep in our Toys for Tots toy drive.  It was a perfect fit.  We only had about a week and a half until the chosen date, so the press releases went out, and the Facebook posts followed.  It was on.


The plans were made that the concept behind the challenge that they wanted to do was a group of riders crashing a car & truck show.  When the turn out for the cars and trucks were a little lighter than expected, we improvised.  In the video, you’ll see some really cool and creative ideas.  I can’t take any credit for that.  There’s a tow truck trying to “repo” a 4×4 with the driver hanging on to his beautiful truck from the roof.  A totally tricked out custom Jeep with Jurassic Park on the side, and the owner of the Jeep in a T-Rex suit completing the scene.  At the other end there was a Sand Rail car that was put on top of a bike to simulate a crash, and the driver of the sand rail actually picking the front end up to set on the crash bar of a bike.  There were ATV’s, and lots of motorcycles too.

Here is the video for you to share and enjoy.  Again, a big thanks to Angela, JC, Sand Shaddow, who was our Videographer, Andrew from Naples Drone Solutions.

Enjoy!  It isn’t too late to bring a new, unwrapped toy to Gulf Coast Motorcycles, for our Toys for Tot’s Toy drive.  They’re in most desperate need of toys for boys & girls ages 10-12 and for helmets, and bikes.




Make Sure You’re HERE!!

Join us for our Grand Opening Celebration!  

Saturday November 12, 2016  Doors Open 9 am

17080 S. Tamiami Trail  Fort Myers, FL 33908



14 Years of hard work, customer, and community service has paid off!  Thanks to the best customers in the World, Gulf Coast Motorcycles is proud to share with you the Grand Re-Opening of our New Facility!  Completely remodeled, and featuring the latest in Corporate Image Display’s, there’s a lot to see and do at this great event!  

This is a super kid friendly event, with kid specific fun stuff!!  There will be great food to eat, people to meet, live music, lots of entertainment, cool bikes to see, and FUN! FUN! FUN!  


We couldn’t be any more excited about the highlight of the event. None other than World Famous BMW StuntRider Chris “Teach” McNeil will be spending the day with us and performing!  There’s fun for everyone. 

teachWe are going to be kicking off the Holiday season with our Toys for Tots collection drive!  So bring a toy, and spread some joy, or just hang out & have some fun.  


For those of you that want to enjoy a ride event as well, on Sunday Morning 11.13.2016 we’re going to have a fun Toy Ride leaving the dealership at 9:00 am.  Check our events calendar here for more details.  


Here’s a Quick Preview of a tiny part of what is in store!

We’re really looking forward to seeing you & shaking your hand at our event!  Come have fun & We’ll See YOU at Gulf Coast Motorcycles!!




Come see us at our ALL NEW LOCATION!  


17080 South Tamiami Trail Fort Myers, FL 33908

The phone number is the same 239-481-8100 and we are all here ready to serve you.


More Room!


HUGE Parts Inventory!  


More Bikes!  


All NEW Service Facility!


Ducati Service Area


KTM Service Area


BMW Service Area


There is something for everyone, and it’s getting better & better every day!

Mark your Calendars because, next month, our Grand Opening Celebration will be November 12, and we are celebrating 14 Years being your Premium European Motorcycle dealer.

Years of hard work, and dedication to customer service has made this possible!  We realize that it wouldn’t be possible without the patronage of The Worlds Finest Customers.  

FROM THE ENTIRE GULF COAST MOTORCYCLE FAMILY, WE SAY THANK YOU for helping us make this happen, enjoy growing with us in the years ahead & we’ll see YOU at Gulf Coast Motorcycles!!  


Domesticating the BEAST

GTMy Week with the ALL NEW Super Duke 1290 GT

Motorcycling isn’t what it was yesterday….

Last night for my ride home, I threw my leg over what has to be one of the most anticipated bikes here in the USA.  The KTM 1290 Super Duke GT.  It was the end of a week long experience that has introduced a game changing bike to riders for the first time.


KTM has certainly rung the bell with this bike.  If you think of what you value in a bike, ride, handling, performance, comfort, this bike has what you’ve been yearning for, and perhaps didn’t know it.  Most everyone here knows I’m more of a road bike guy than a dirt bike guy, and I really love my BMW, but this was an eye opening experience.  Sure, I do get to ride a lot of bikes, but the ones that left a really deep impression are few & far between.  This is the ultimate bike for those that are jaded by having too much to choose from.


It starts off as a 1290 Super Duke.  The bike we all know, and those that own them, love.  Humongous power in an ultra light weight chassis.  When you’re looking for the mind melding combination of huge engine, 2 wheels, a seat, and a gas tank, that’s the bike.  Combine that with a modified and comfortable seating position from the longer rear frame, and a front fairing and adjustable windscreen that makes riding an essentially naked bike comfortable, you’re definitely on to something…Put a couple of really great looking bags sporting 30 liters of storage with enough room for your travel needs, to round out the package.  By anyones measure, the bar has been set pretty high.  BUT That’s not ALL…  This bike includes cornering ABS, Switchable Riding Modes, Quick Shifter, Cornering LED Turn Lights, Throttle By Wire, Available Hill Hold Control & a LOT More!

Top View

What I love about this bike is that it not only fills the needs of almost every rider, it smashes the concept of what is available in a motorcycle.  I consciously noticed myself grinning at every stoplight when I took off, and merging onto the highway I actually giggled a couple times.  This bike goes & goes & goes.  It doesn’t matter what speed you’re going, crank in a little more throttle, and this bike reminds you in a not so subtle way that it’s got more power for it’s weight than anything on the market.  On more than one occasion, I found myself shaking my head in disbelief that one bike could have such a connected application of more power than you could ever imagine, in a supremely useful package.  Fueling is as close to perfect as any ride by wire bike I’ve ever been on!

Cornering Lights

The intuitive electronics suite adds to the experience, and is part of what we have come to expect in a Great Sport Touring Bike.  Electronic Cruise Control, absent on the 1290 Super Duke is a fantastic standard addition on this bike, as are the cornering lights borrowed from the Super Adventure, functional & smart looking.  The quick shifter makes upshifts virtually effortless, and highlights one of the strongest points of this bike, and absolutely silky smooth transmission.


The luggage is deceptive.  The shape of it enhances the overall look of the bike, and at first glance you are wondering how functional it could be.  The bags are a lot larger than you would imagine until you look inside.


The bags have what is probably the easiest & best operation of any side-opening bag on the market.  It’s latch is secure with an audible click at each of the latch points.  Like most bags, entry is a two step process, but this is one that ingeniously is able to be performed by one hand.  Plus it’s design fits almost all full face helmets.


The Seat is much more open feeling that on the Super Duke, enhanced by the longer rear frame where the bags mount.  The Pillion Rider is given a good bit of real estate, as well, and leg room is also enhanced.  All the key elements of a Superior Sport Touring Bike have been seen to, refined and perfected.


The Adjustable Windscreen makes a big difference in rider comfort, and is great in the rain, which I enjoyed 3 days worth of with this dynamic bike.  The ABS & Multi-Mode Traction Control inspire confidence whatever the riding conditions.  All the controls are intuitive, simply laid out & easy to operate.


When the bike makes it’s official debut next year, there will be a nice compliment of accessories to go along with it, so customizing will be a breeze.  I’ve had a lot to say about this bike.  There were a lot of four letter words that ran through my mind when I first hit the throttle, and leaned into the first turn.  I’ve managed to get it down to just one three letter word.  Wow!  This bike will possess you from the moment you let out the clutch.

Don’t take my word for it though, we’re putting together a special demo event for our customers to enjoy.  Make no mistake, this bike isn’t for everyone, it’s for anyone!  Space in the saddle is going to be limited, so contact us early to reserve your ride.  When you reach the conclusion that this is your next bike, just let us know.  We are accepting deposits now for the possibility of an early special launch of what will surely be the bike of the year.

Thanks again & we’ll see YOU at Gulf Coast Motorcycles!

Webb Benninghoven

Sales & Marketing Manager



Cahill’s gone Commando in Cannes

Due to lost luggage, the XDiavel isn’t the only thing on the French Riviera with an X rating.  


Our Salesman Extraordinaire has successfully made it all the way to Cannes for this years Special Ducati training.  Sadly, his luggage has not, so we’re on a wait & see basis to see if his helmet & riding gear are going to show up in time for him to frolic in the hills on the all new XDiavel, the 939 Hypermotard, 959 Panigale, and the Monster 1200R, and the Multistrada Enduro.  We can’t wait for the ride reports.  What an exciting time!


As you can see, the bike is attracting a lot of attention in front of the Ritz Carlton, Cannes France.


The only thing that rivals the beautiful scenery there is this amazing motorcycle.  We just got our first one in today, and we’ll have pictures on Facebook, as it goes through the assembly process.  There are a lot of features on this bike that are a 10 or better.  The execution of design & styling on this bike is simply breathtaking.  This is easily one of the best looking bikes we’ve ever (yes, you read that right, EVER) seen.  Every individual focal point on the bike is more stunning than the one before.  It’s a real winner.


Check back soon as we get you more details as they happen with the debut of these incredible bikes at one of the worlds most beautiful locations.


And the Winner is…

If you’re anything like me, and you love a good contest, racing is really, really, (I mean really) hard to beat.  I love racing movies, car races, bike races, wheel chair races, it doesn’t matter…if it’s a race, I’m in!


One of the coolest things about Gulf Coast Motorcycles, is that we cover so many different styles of riding (and naturally, racing too.)  Everybody likes the format of MotoGP racing…the pomp, grandeur and pageantry of it all.  But one of the absolutely most rewarding things is to see the friends, customers, and local folks that put the rubber to the road, or dirt every chance they get.  Local level club racing provides a thrill unlike any other.

Perhaps you’ve followed us on Facebook and seen that recently we sponsored a really great young man named Chandler Hill.  He was brought to our attention by our friends at Florida Trail Riders not too long ago.  Just in case you haven’t done so already, he’s someone you should be following.  Click on the picture & it will take you right to his page.

Chandler Hole Shot

Here’s Chandler getting a hole shot in the last race.

Sponsoring riders isn’t exactly new for us.  In the past, among others, we have sponsored our friend Steve Hill, of Superbikes & Ski fame when he was racing Ducati’s in CCS.

Superbikes & Ski

Recently when Jeff Gallo our General Manager, was getting some awesome off road riding in at Croom, he started a conversation with a guy he bumped into there.  Turns out that guy happened to be none other than CCS legend, Greg Melka.  You should follow him too…just click on the picture to go to his Facebook page.


Fast forward a few months and Greg is on a Gulf Coast Motorcycles 350XC-F.  Here he is with Jeff on the special delivery day.

Greg & Jeff

A couple weeks later the bike was ready to go….

Melka Bike

We knew it was just a matter of time, and here’s another shot of the bike with a first place trophy from the last race.

Greg Melka another 1st

Greg is a dominant force when it comes to going fast.  He’s leading the way, and a lot of guys are going to school following his tracks.

One of those great guys is a young man named Charlie Bruin.  Charlie called me and asked me if I knew this Greg Melka guy that raced in FTR.  It wasn’t too long before we got together, and Charlie enjoyed the fastest (and best) delivery experience he’d ever had.


It wasn’t too long after this picture was taken that Charlie ended up being our newest sponsored rider.  Apparently we know a thing or two about the guys we work with, as Charlie just sent us this picture.  Taking 3rd place in his very first race with the new Gulf Coast Motorcycles 200XC, Charlie is in the hunt for great results as well.  You can click on his picture to follow him too.

Charlie Bruin Wins

We’re happy and fortunate to have the chance to meet such accomplished riders, who really help us be “first for fast” for helping these riders get what they need to be bringing home the hardware.

Who’s going to be the next fastest?


When we sold this bike to the Harp family for their son Dylan to ride & develop his racing skills, it was one of our first experiences with younger customers meeting the challenge of racing.  Back in December we were at the I4MX races at Florida Tracks & Trails with a display of a couple bikes.  I was sitting up waiving to all the KTM riders and cheering the racers on, making a spectacle of myself when up rides Dylan on his KTM 85SX.   I recognized him & the bike too, and they were out doing practice laps.  I’m sure that we’ll be seeing him get trophies as his career takes off too.    Who knows, maybe you’ll see him sponsored by Gulf Coast Motorcycles in the future too!


As a dealership, we’re really glad to participate in the experiences of our customers, and help make riding all that it should be.  Please support your local riders.  Go, see them race at the different venues.  Its spectacular entertainment, and to see and share in the experience up close & personal is something that just can’t be beat.


Because the winner is…YOU!

Grab your dog, and your doggles, hop on your bike, and go to the races.  To all our riders, racers, fans and friends…Race down to Gulf Coast Motorcycles we’ll see YOU there!

Best regards,

Webb Benninghoven

Sales & Marketing Manager
BMW-Ducati-KTM & Select Pre-Owned
Gulf Coast Motorcycles
16090 S. Tamiami Trail
Ft. Myers, FL 33908

Office 239.481.8100
Fax 239.425.3100


What a Winter!

I’ve almost felt guilty about not writing more in the last couple months…almost.  It’s been a very curious winter.  We had to postpone 3 movie night events, and it seems that our wicked weather is going to co-operate for this Friday’s showing of Dream Racer at Gulf Coast Motorcycles.

New Date Dream-Racer-WINNER-New-York-City_600x400

We’ve been looking forward to sharing this great movie with our friends for a few months now…  I remember in November stressing that the special order movie wouldn’t arrive on time for our SW Florida Debut.  Boy, we couldn’t have been more wrong.

Since then, we’ve had tornado’s, flooding, frost, and a host of other atypical weather events here in our area.  Both of the showings of Why We Ride, the movie we ran last year and that we are working on in connection with Harley Davidson Naples, were postponed due to horrible weather.  The new date is still planned for sometime in March.

I wanted to make a special mention to all of you that participated in our Toy’s for Tot’s drive that ended in December.  We helped raise a record number of toys to provide our local kids in need with the joy, hope, and goodness that Christmas is all about.  Thank you from all of us at Gulf Coast Motorcycles.


This past Sunday, a few brave and warm hearted souls braved the frost, and the breezy conditions to enjoy our first Shop Ride of 2016.  We had a nice turnout, and even met some of our friends from out of town along the way.  Yes, I had my heated seat & grips on, enjoying one of the distinct advantages of riding a BMW motorcycle!  Breakfast was a real treat, and we had a great time, with riders showing up from as far away as Lakewood Ranch, Sarasota, and Naples.


The next ride is set for February 21st, and promises to be another great time with great friends, and a chance to get a little riding done.

There has been a few of our customers that have asked us about the possibility of doing an Iron Butt Saddlesore 1,000 ride, so that they could participate as a group.  If that’s something that is of interest to you, let’s talk about it to see if we can make this happen.  It’s not exactly the easiest shop ride to put on in a day, but it’s something that we should be able to put together if there are enough interested riders.  Its up to you to say something about it though, as I’m putting a list together of people that would participate.

Iron butt

Last for this post, I want to talk about support.  Not support hose, or no visible means of support, but supporting your local riding group.  Here in SW FL, the Big Cypress Riders chapter of the BMW MOA work really hard to promote not just the ownership of BMW Motorcycles (a very worthy endeavor on its own,) but the experience of some of the finest riders in the area, and the joy of riding in specific.

Did you know that we have a BMW MOA National Ambassador right here?

Dan Andrews.jpg

Did you know he is one of the highest mileage riders in the dealership, and probably in the country?  There are a lot of exceptional things I can say about Dan Andrews, he’s just an amazing rider, a great mentor, and teacher.  Leading by example is really Dan’s strong suit, and if you like following someone who really know’s how to lead, he’s your guy.  Jim Forry, (email jrforry@gmail.com) and the group of regular members of the Big Cypress Riders meet here at Gulf Coast Motorcycles Monthly on the 2nd Saturday are a just a great group of people to meet.  If you haven’t yet, then you should definitely check them out.  Here’s a really rare picture of Dan, we took it when he was taking delivery of his new bike last year…it’s one of the few times it (and Dan) wasn’t moving.  He just had his 60k service done on that great GS Adventure!

We’d like to see you at movie night, or a shop ride, or just a Saturday riders eat & greet.  Just come by and visit us, you’ll be glad you did.  If you have any questions, suggestions, or just things that you’d like to see, drop me a message: webb@gcmotorcycles.com and we’ll get you covered in short order.

Again, thanks for spending time with us, and we’ll see YOU at Gulf Coast Motorcycles!

Best regards,

Webb Benninghoven

Sales & Marketing Manager
BMW-Ducati-KTM & Select Pre-Owned
Gulf Coast Motorcycles
16090 S. Tamiami Trail
Ft. Myers, FL 33908

Office 239.481.8100
Fax 239.425.3100


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